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Photo Gallery

My photo page is a perfect place tosee jobs i have done in the past

Sample Photo 1 we knocked out an old addition and started building a new one pjoto 1 of 4

sample photo 2 this is another shot of the newe addition also a shot of all the material and trash we took out of the house wich was a complete inside remodel

Sample Photo 3 here we are all the walls are up for the master bath and wash room the addition is nearly complete unfortunatly the owner wouldnt allow me to take pictures of the completion of it

Sample Photo 4 hello im bob ya know saftey is job one and thts why i had to stop and tie my shoe ...

Sample Photo 5 here are the floor plans for the one story house

Sample Photo 6 dont mind this it is just upside down but it shows all the rafter of the ceiling after we took all the walls out on the inside

Sample Photo 7 ok heres some thing you dont se every day the sub flooring is done and we are getting ready to put up the walls inside the house

Sample Photo 8

Sample Photo 9

Sample Photo 10

Sample Photo 11

Sample Photo 12 another shot at all the trash we took out of the house it was a very big pile of rotten wood and other things

some people like to sit around and waste time im a working man and will work for you i have no time for lazy workers lol

here we are w/ a door way tht was just repainted .........looks good huh?

we replaced all the plywood tht was on the side of the hosue for the crawl space under the house

this is a picture of the side of the front porch we repainted

finally getting every thing on after we finished repairing the supports